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The professional manufacturer of Sanitary TUBE FITTINGS & COMPONENTS

Tech Control was established in 1988, now is recognized as a leading manufacturer of the sanitary stainless steel tube fittings and components for the dairy, food, beverrage, pharmceutical, biotechnology, cosmetic and many other industries. Being a part of nature, we commit ourselves making sanitary and safety products to bring everyone a better life !

Our company is well equipped with the most advanced facilities, and is staffed by experienced and dedicated carftsmen. We are happy and proud that our success is not based only total manufacuring know-how-and daily innovation, but also the strictest inspection in every production phase. Wish such succssful experience, we bring our products with the following benefits to share with customers: more safety. lower cost, higher quality, long servivce life and better efficiency.

Tech Control, is the first to obtain the US 3A Sanitary Standards Certificates in Taiwan, and an ISO-9001 approved company that you can trust.

Product ranges:

  • SANITARY TUBE FITINGS (3A, IDF, DIN, SMS, RJT) - Ferrule, Pipe Clamp, Pipe Support & Hanger, Pipe Union, Flange, Elbow, Tee, Cross, Reducer, Seal, O-ring, End Cap, Sight Glass...
  • SANITARY  VALVES - Butterfly Valve, Plug Valve, Ball Valve, Check Valve, Control Valve...
  • SANITARY TUBES and SANITARY PUMPS, applicable to the Clean-In-Place (CIP) process.
Other customized or specified stainless steel products are available upon requets, OEM/ODM manufacture are very welcome !
Representative Offices in Vietnam
Huyenthinh Trading and Investment Limited Liability Company
Adress : No 105 Nguyen Cao Street, Ninh Xa Ward, Bac Ninh City, Viet Nam
Account number : 190253 9889 8668 in Techcombank Nguyen Cao
Tax code : 2300 677 004 
Tel: +84 241 3813 996
Fax: +84 241 3813 986
Director: Pham Thang Long
Mobile: 0915 182 180 / 0977 563 116


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Office: No 105 Nguyen Cao Street,
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